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Study in USA

The United States is home to the largest number of institutions of higher learning than any other country in the world and hence U.S. educational institutions are known worldwide for the quality of their research –quality, facilities, resources, and excellent faculty-support. The U.S. education system is unrivaled worldwide in terms of the choice it offers, types of institutions, academic and social environments, entry requirements, degree programs and subjects in which one can specialize. The US encourages international students to pursue higher education in US at its colleges/ universities and offers many scholarships to further help them: Scholarships for Indians to Study in US

As a sure-shot investment for future, a U.S. degree surely offers excellent value for money for thousands of Indian students. The US also has a very stringent accreditation system in place to ensure high teaching standards. Studying in the U.S.A, will not only provide you the opportunity to meet and even study with the leading scholars but will also give you exposure to some of the most up-to-date developments in technology in your chosen field. Out of the total Indians studying in US, 82% of the students are pursuing degrees in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.