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There is no other place in the world that blends East and West, tradition and modernity, quite like Singapore. The cosmopolitan high life weaves seamlessly into the island's multiracial and multicultural tapestry. Old colonial buildings provide a peek into the past, while brilliantly fashioned skyscrapers point to a city-state that is constantly on fast-forward. Singapore shines with a "can-do" energy that is characteristic of a young, bold and dynamic nation. With the myriad of experiences and opportunities it offers, Singapore is the place to be.

Global Edge

The United States has more institutions of higher education than any other country, but despite the numbers it is the quality of education provided by these academic bodies which is acknowledged worldwide. The teaching forces of these institutions are leading authorities in their respective fields. The quality of the research program along with the resources available and the faculty ensures that the institutions have high standards.


More than 4,000 institutions offer undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees in many different specializations. The USA education system has strong academic & social environment which fosters both academic, professional and personal development of individuals.

Financial Assistance

The education definitely falls in the category of value for your money. USA education is the best investment for the future. A wide spectrum of tuition fees, accommodation options & financial help from the institutions in the form of scholarships, fee waivers, aid etc makes USA education affordable.

Technology & Research

USA is known for its latest technologies and advancement which gives the student a very good chance to make his/her future in these fields. USA has always been a hub of inventions. Students therefore have first hand knowledge about cutting edge technologies coupled with excellent research opportunities.


The USA education system is flexible in terms of choice of courses within a college or university. During the course of study, a student can transfer from one course/stream to another or one institution to another. This aspect of the USA education system makes it distinct from other countries.


International students from all over the world choose to study in the USA because an American education is the best preparation for their future. It becomes all the more within your means with financial aid, scholarships and assistantships on hand. At the same time students are allowed to work 20 hr/ week during their course and 40 hr/ week during vacation which helps them to earn and learn.

Top Ranking Institution

Amongst the top ranking colleges world-wide, majority of them are in USA. These colleges and universities rank high in world rankings because of their infrastructure, technological advancement and top quality of education provided by them.

Professional Approach

The best approach of the USA education system, is that it allows one to learn and earn. This not only gives one, a thorough knowledge of the subjects, but also teaches one to have a practical & professional approach. It gives better growth prospects worldwide.

Education Chart

USA has the world's most flexible education system, students can study their area of interest as specialization. As the education system of USA is not centralized each institute can determine its program and admission standards. Lateral movement in the education system is possible any time.


Types of Institution

Public Universities

State-affiliated institutions financially supported by public taxes, usually large in size. All levels of degrees with different fields of study are offered. Public colleges and universities are relatively easy on the pocket for residents of a state where the schools are located. Foreign students pay "out-of-state" tuition, which is higher. There are many notable public universities across the country just a few examples Pennsylvania State University, Ohio State University, University of California, Kansas State University, University of Texas, California State University.

Private Universities

Private Institutions run without the control of the Government entity. Tuition fees of these institutions are higher but the international as well the domestic students pay the same amount of fees. The notable private institutions are Long Island University, George Washington University, New York University, Carnegie Mellon University.

Technical Institutes

These are schools emphasizing principally on engineering and science they are known for their research and graduate programs. Most International students who attend these schools are of graduate level. Undergraduates admitted to these schools usually have incredibly strong backgrounds in math and sciences, as witnessed by grades and standardized test scores (e.g. SAT or GRE). M. I. T. (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cal Poly (California Polytechnic Institute), Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology), NYIT New York Institute of Technology) and W. P. I. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) are a few of the noted schools.

The Ivy League

These schools are the oldest and most famous in the country members of the Ivy League are: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania. They are in the Northeastern part of the USA. Ivy League colleges stress undergraduate liberal arts education, but they also have noted graduate and professional schools. Tuitions at these private schools is among the highest in the country, and admission is generally highly competitive.

Small Liberal Arts Colleges

Generally have the focus on undergraduate study of the traditional arts and science disciplines, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Strictly liberal arts colleges are often quite old and mostly private schools. They are highly-rated institutions as they stress on small classes, individual attention to the students, and closer relationships between the faculties and students. Many of them also generally have rigid admission standards. Among these schools are: Amherst, Marist, Swarthmore, Manhattan, Smith, Mount Holyoke.

Community Colleges

More over known as County Colleges or City colleges. Community colleges provide higher education and lower level tertiary education, granting certificates, diplomas and Associates Degree. Some notable community colleges are Ohlone College, De Anza College & Bellevue Community College.

Grading System

The GPA system is followed throughout the United States to judge student's performance. It is graded on the scale of 0 to 4. Following is the evaluation of GPA

Grade PointsGrade PointsEquivalent
>4>A High Achievement
>3>B Satisfactory
>2>C Minimum Passing
>1>D Failure

Types of degree

Associate Degree

It is an academic degree awarded by the community colleges, junior colleges, business colleges and some bachelor's degree upon completion of a course of study Usually for two years (60 Credits). In the USA , an associate degree is equivalent to the first two years of a four year college or university Bachelors degree. It is The lowest in hierarchy of post secondary academic degrees offered in USA.

Bachelors Degree

Commonly known as Undergraduate degree in India. The duration of the bachelors course is 4 years. Students who have completed a part of their undergraduate degree and want to go to the USA, can apply as a transfer Student. There are two types of bachelors degree B. A or B. S. Some universities in the USA offer either of the degrees in all fields and at times both the degrees in some field. Students need to appear for SAT & TOEFL/ IELTS exams for admission.

Masters Degree

The duration of master's courses may range from a year to two depending on the university & your area of specialization. The binding requisite for Masters is the 16 year of education criteria. Students with Bachelors in Engineering are qualified whereas the students with B. Com, B. Sc, and B.A need to complete at least one year of Masters, post graduate diploma is also accepted by some specific institutions for specific programs.While 16 years of education is the major criteria, few universities do accept students with 3 years Bachelors degree of certain Master programs. Exams required are GMAT for management related subjects/ GRE for arts, science or any other subjects and TOEFL/ IELTS exams for admission.


Commonly known as PhD. Duration of the same may range from 3 years to 5 years. Students can take admission for a PhD only after completion of their master's degree. PhD students need to submit a research proposal as well have to appear for GRE/ GMAT & TOEFL/ IELTS exams for admissions.

What is the transfer student concept?

A transfer option is to complete at least 2 years of the Bachelors/ Diploma program in any country and then apply for a transfer to the University that a student wants to attend in USA. The years waived off in your transfer status will depend on the courses covered in India and the grades for the same. It is rare that one can get exact transfer of credits.

Should I apply only to Top Ten Universities?

The acceptance ratio of top ten Universities is only 1% - 4%. Therefore, in order to improve your chances of admission, you should also apply to other Universities that offer good programs. Also the entry requirements are extremely stringent for such institutions. One must always remember that Ranking can be world wide, region based and even subject based. If one is looking for a ranked university, search should be subject based.

I have completed 15 years of education in India. Can I get admission for MBA directly in USA?

Most American Universities require 16 years of education for admission into an MBA or any other Graduate program. It is therefore advisable to complete M. Com/ M. A/ M. Sc. or at least one year of any Masters Degree before taking admission in an American University. Some top ranked Universities can take you with 15 yrs. of education with 2-3 years of relevant work experience. UES however has a list of those institutions that would enroll students after 15 years of education directly.

Can I get Financial assistance?

Yes definitely, but getting financial assistance in the first semester is extremely competitive and you need to have an extremely good academic and test score to be qualified. There are number of good cases where we have helped students secure full financial assistance. If you have an outstanding academic background and test scores, UES Counsellors will try their best to get you financial aid.

What about shifting school once I get there?

Once you are in the US, you are governed by the USCIS rule. According to this rule, you cannot change the school before completing one semester at the school. It is advisable that you make your choice carefully to avoid problems at a later date.

Is only TOEFL applicable for USA, can a student also take IELTS?

Yes, a student can take IELTS instead of TOEFL. As 2500 universities have started accepting IELTS. these universities being the top ones.

What is the ideal time to start applying to Universities, and what are the different start dates?

Generally, the students need to apply for USA one year in advance. This specifically would be an advantage to those students looking out for scholarships. Most commonly available start dates are in the Fall Session (August/ September) and the Spring session (January/ February).

Can I work while studying?

Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week on- campus during the term and full-time during the vacation period.

Admission to a coveted US university takes you only half way through your dream to study in the USA. The remaining important half is to obtain a study visa for the US. Complexities and careless mistakes along with lack of sufficient knowledge about the US student visa formalities cause undesired delays and even refusal of a visa in some cases.

An F1 visa is issued to international students who are attending an academic program or English Language Program at a US college or university. F1 students are expected to complete their studies by the expiration date on their I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status) which is provided by the US College or university.

Where Apply

US Visa is an Interview based visa, Applicant has to apply to US embassy for their Interview, available in 11 cities. If an applicant wish to make an inquiry or require clarifications on the U.S. Visa application process, please visit a VFS Centre, call the Helpdesk or sent an email enquiry to a location within your consular location. Email queries receive responses from Monday to Friday, within two working days.


A. How Many Days Prior Can a student Apply for Visa and enter US

You may be issued F1 student visa no more than 120 days prior to start date. You may travel to US within 30 days of commencement of the course of study as stated on your I20, regardless of how early your visa was issued.

B. Documents Checklist

  • Visa Application form DS - 160 (Online fill able form)
  • Original Passport
  • HDFC Bank Receipt
  • SEVIS Fee Receipt
  • Interview Appointment letter
  • All Academic Documents including TOEFL, GRE, GMAT Score sheet
  • Evidence of Financial Resources
  • Form 120

C. Visa Application fees

  • Rs. 8,640/- by Cash or DD favouring. "US Embassy Visa Fee". DDs issued by cooperative banks are not accepted.
  • Rs. 387/- by Cash or DD favouring. HDFC Bank A/c VFS. (The above mentioned fees has to be paid only in Designated HDFC bank only)
  • SEVIS Fee of $ 200 has to be paid online with the help of the credit card

D. Processing time

When Visa is granted, the passport is returned with visa stamp within 72 working hours. Student can collect it personally from VFS centre on the day when the visa section hands over the passport to VFS centre.

For more information you can meet the Visa counsellor at UES branch.

  • Academy Of Art University
  • Arkansas State University
  • Ashland University
  • Auburn Institute of Montgomery
  • Barry University
  • Bellevue University
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Bradley University
  • California Baptist University
  • California Lutheran University
  • California State University Channel Islands
  • City University of Seattle
  • California State University East Bay
  • California State University - San Marconis
  • Chatham University
  • Colorado State University
  • Coker College
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • Drury University
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Embry-riddle Aeronautical University
  • Elms College
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Florida International University
  • Full Sail University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Gannon University
  • Golden Gate University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Hamline University
  • Hawaii Pacific University
  • Henderson State University
  • Herzing University
  • Hult International Business School
  • Indiana Institute of Technology
  • James Madison University
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • Jacksonville University
  • Kansas Wesleyan University
  • Kent State University
  • Kutztown University
  • Lawrence Technological University
  • Letourneau University
  • Lewis University
  • Liberty University
  • Lincoln University
  • Long Island University - CW Post
  • Los Angeles Film School
  • Los Angeles Recording School
  • Mansfield University
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Montana State University
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • Morehead State University
  • Monroe College
  • Murray State University
  • National Aviation Academy
  • New England Culinary Institute
  • New England School
  • New York Film Academy
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • New York University
  • NYU Polytechnic
  • Northern Michigan University
  • North West Missouri State University
  • Northwestern Polytechnic University
  • Northwood University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Ohio University
  • Oklahoma City University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Oregon State University
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Post University
  • Rider University
  • Robert Morris University
  • Rocky Mountain College of Arts & Design
  • Rush University
  • St. Leo University
  • San Diego Flight Training International
  • San Francisco State University
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Southern Utah University
  • Sacred Heart University
  • St. Thomas University
  • St. Mary University
  • The College of Saint Rose
  • Tennessee Technology University
  • Troy University
  • St. John's University
  • University of Advancing Technology
  • University of Bridgeport
  • University of Charleston
  • University of California - Riverside
  • University of Dallas
  • University of Detroit Mercy
  • University of Findlay
  • University Of Hartford
  • University of La Verne
  • University of Mary Hardin Baylor
  • University of Michigan ? Flint
  • University of New Hampshire
  • University of Missouri At St Louis
  • University of Massaachuetts, Boston
  • University of Massaachuetts, Darthmouth
  • University of Massaachuetts, Lowell
  • University of New Haven
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Texas - San Antonio
  • University of Wisconsin - Superior
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Valparaiso University
  • Virginia International University
  • Washington College
  • Western International University
  • Widener University
  • Wilkes University
  • Western Kentucky University
  • Wright State University
  • Xaviers University
  • Aviation Group
  • Bellevue Community College
  • Berkeley College
  • Bloomfield College
  • Colby Sawyer College
  • Centralia College
  • Florida Southern College
  • Foothill And Deanza College
  • Lasell College
  • Marist College
  • Menlo College
  • Metropolitian College of New York
  • Musician's Institute
  • Manhattan Institute Of Management
  • Ohlone College
  • Saint Michael's College
  • West New England College
Courses Offered by World Wide Universities - Department Wise
Computer Engineering
  • Computer Forensics and IT Security
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Science
  • Computing and Technology (Pre-Masters)
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Link
  • Network Security
  • Computer Networking Specialist
  • Computer Programmer
  • Internet Programming & Database Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Information Management
  • Information Studies
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Systems Technology - Networking (Co-op Fast Track)
  • Computer Engineering Technology - Embedded Networks (Fast Track)
  • Computer and Communication Networks
  • Software Engineering Technician
  • Software Engineering Technology